Waste Oil Burner

So I’ve had a few attempts at oil burners.  With varying levels of success.  The current burner uses a US Marine tent heater and a centrifugal fan.  It works but is a pain to light and can be fussy about staying lit.

Now I’ve moved onto a siphon nozzle type of burner.  Using compressed air it mixes the air and oil into a fine mist for burning.

Works fabulously on diesel with no modification.

Didn’t work so well with waste oil.  Even heating the oil.

But it did work with the application of a burner tube around the nozzle.  I’m guessing the turbulent air helps keep the flame lighting the oil air mix.

Next stage is refining the burn tube and oil feed for a better burn.  Less unburnt oil spray would be good.

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    1. It’s been a long time since I made one. But my engineering skills have improved since then so I may have another attempt.

  1. I have been building waste oil burners for 60 years and last year copied the idea of a screen from the CDH’s. I was dripping my oil down a 4″ tube which had an 8″ open gap at the bottom before the oil fell into an SS pot. I replaced the pot with an 8″ piece of 4″ tubing which has 16 x 1/2″ holes in it. At the top of the 8″ tube I put 2 pieces of 1/4″ SS screen (from the CDH idea) The oil now hits the hot SS screen and vaporizes. Clean, almost white flame comes out of the 16 holes. All of my heaters gave off blue smoke from the stack, but this one is so clean, you have to look carefully for the shimmer of heat to determine if it is burning or not? I burn the dirtiest of used engine oil, so I still have to remove the 8″ tube and clean the cake of ash on the plate it sits on every 30-40 hours of running. I would never try and burn this shit in a CDH. It would completely plug up after as little as 8 hours.

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