Waste Oil Burner

So I’ve had a few attempts at oil burners.  With varying levels of success.  The current burner uses a US Marine tent heater and a centrifugal fan.  It works but is a pain to light and can be fussy about staying lit.

Now I’ve moved onto a siphon nozzle type of burner.  Using compressed air it mixes the air and oil into a fine mist for burning.

Works fabulously on diesel with no modification.

Didn’t work so well with waste oil.  Even heating the oil.

But it did work with the application of a burner tube around the nozzle.  I’m guessing the turbulent air helps keep the flame lighting the oil air mix.

Next stage is refining the burn tube and oil feed for a better burn.  Less unburnt oil spray would be good.

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    1. It’s been a long time since I made one. But my engineering skills have improved since then so I may have another attempt.

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