Cheapest Diesel Night Heater on eBay test / review

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I bought the cheapest diesel heater you could get on eBay.

Here is where I’m going to share the results of any tests I do.


Fuel consumption:

Max 250ml per hour
Min 100ml per hour

Power consumption:

At 12 volts there is a start-up current of 10 amps.  This is to heat the glowplug and start the burn.  After a few minutes, the glow plug goes out once a self-sustaining flame has started.  Then power use goes down to 1 – 2 amps.


Difficult to measure in the workshop, it being a big metal box.  It’s certainly not silent, but you don’t have to shout over it.  I think once properly located and installed it’ll quieten down a lot.  Results skewed by having exhaust in test area.

Max = 70-80 dB
Min = 60-70 dB

Heat output:

Min or Max outlet temperature between 110 – 130 oC.  Higher settings results in more flow at the same temperature.

Questions from comments

Will it run on Kerosene / Parrafin /Petrol  / etc?

Kerosene – Yes
Parrafin – Yes
Petrol – Yes

Can it be run from a Li-Ion jump starter?

Yes.  It’ll start up and run.  The problem you will have is when the battery pack battery gets low and just shuts off.  The heater will just stop dead and won’t run the fan for the cooling cycle.  Damage to the unit may occur.

What happens when it runs out of fuel?

It stops and an error light is displayed on the controller.  You have to remove the fuse and put it back in again to get it to work again.

Will it stop if the battery voltage falls?

No.  I ran the voltage all the way down to 6 volts and it keeps running.  Anything less than 6 volts and it stops dead.  No cooldown, just off.  Damage may occur.

How do I prime it?

Plug it in.  Turn it up to max.  Press and hold the OFF button for 5 seconds.  The pump will start running.

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